How to enable “Gas-free” transactions in your decentralized Application

unpyn solution
1 min readMay 6, 2022

When building a decentralized application, it is always a daunting task to bring the customers who don’t have wallet knowledge. Even if they do, it will always be tough to ask users to hold some crypto for a transaction fee.

Users will be happy to pay in “Fiat” rather than in crypto, due to a lot of regulation issues in their respective countries.

How do we overcome this?

  • Enable “Meta Transaction” by customizing your smart contract
  • Set up “Minimal Forwarder” (aka Relayer) and “Auto-tasks”, this will take care of paying out the transaction fee on behalf of users.

Fund the payout master, so it takes care of paying a gas fee for users. But make sure to charge your users in FIAT!

Check for more information on the same.

This article gives you more information on how to customize your contract -> be GSN compatible.

At Unpyn, we enable any contract to be “GSN” compatible and help you to set up this easily.

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